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Research on Asian Prescription Pattern (REAP)

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Research on Asian Prescription Pattern (REAP) is the largest and the longest lasting international collaborative research in psychiatry in Asia.
 Since 2001, Asian psychiatrists and pharmacologists have carried out collaborative research to study prescription patterns of psychotropic drugs in different countries and areas in Asia.
 REAP has undertook six large scale international collaborative surveys from 2001 to 2016. The survey on prescription of psychotropic drugs for patients with schizophrenia, carried out from April to June 2016, was joined by fifteen countries and areas in Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
 In 2018, REAP plans to undertake the survey on prescription for persons with bi-polar disorder and on the use of mood stabilizer. Also, another survey using case vignette for patients receiving polypharmacy will start.

Dated in May 2018

Representing REAP
Shinfuku Naotaka, M.D,Ph.D. Japan
Tan Chay Hoon ,MBBS,MMED, Ph.D Singapore