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Dear colleagues:

Thank you for visiting the home page of Research on Asian Psychotropic Prescription Patterns (REAP). The prescription patterns of psychotropic drugs differ greatly among Asian countries. However, limited information about the differences and factors that influence them is available in a comparable manner.@In addition, prescription patterns change with time. Since 2001, Asian psychiatrists and pharmacologists have conducted collaborative research to elucidate these questions using a unified research protocol. This research is known as REAP.

REAP has carried out a series of international collaborative surveys in patients with schizophrenia and depression over the past 20 years. REAP has become the largest and lengthiest international collaborative research on psychiatry in Asia.
In 2018, REAP completed a survey on prescriptions for patients with bipolar disorder and on the use of mood stabilizers. In 2019, another survey involving case vignettes of patients with schizophrenia receiving polypharmacy was conducted among 350 psychiatrists in 34 countries.

REAP has promoted research collaborations in psychiatry among developed and developing countries in Asia.
Furthermore, many young psychiatrists, graduate students, and health professionals in Asia have been well trained and supervised in clinical research by leading researchers. Consequently, many recent publications associated with the REAP project were contributed by young Asian researchers. More than 90 papers based on REAP surveys have been published.
We believe that our REAP network will contribute to better clinical practice in psychiatry and better mental health globally.

Overall coordinators
Takahiro Kato (Fukuoka)
Shi-ku Lin (Taipei)

Naotaka Shinfuku (Kobe)
Tan Chay Hoon (Singapore)

November 2022